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ME with Ella Peregrine

Ella Peregrine discusses the mostly hidden and therefore almost completely unknown, but often cruelly debilitating disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

Our discussion explores ME’s impacts, both personal and societal, a brief history, and the current political situation. Currently (as of autumn, 2013) 50 medical experts and hundreds of disease advocates are united in opposition to a Department of Health and Human Services contract with the Institute of Medicine to redefine ME under an overly broad and medically vague umbrella term. Experts say this redefinition effort “threatens to move ME/CFS science backward by engaging non-experts in the development of a case definition for a complex disease about which they are not knowledgeable.”

Further information on ME definitions, history, and current demonstrations, petitions, and other efforts can be found at:

Author: Stephanie

Stephanie Fraser is the producer and host of Personal and Political.

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